Summer Rain

“Summer Rain” is the first music video by Pierpaolo Lucca and Lorenzo Pescini.

Lucca, Genoa orchestral composer and Pescini, pianist Florentine composer, joined in this new artistic project that combine the creativity of two very different musicians together. The result is really interesting: the romantic melodies of Pescini were drawn carefully from Lucca with original thematic enrichment, timbre and harmonic. In this video, the song is accompanied by beautiful movies that represent the summer rain in all its forms.


Artists have tried to find a coherence between the soundtrack and the images. Their goal was to excite the audience through a full language of melodies, sound effects, harmonies, changes of image, spectacular views, video slowed, beautiful shots of nature parks. The main theme is the rain and summer storms in all its forms. Rain in the woods, in the forests, in the city and the sea. The end result is a video that will make you feel good.

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Author: Lorenzo

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