Runaway (Life is fast)



The “Runaway” video is a tribute to the speed. Speed is nice because it fills our lives of so many emotions, satisfaction, experience. Money, assets, liabilities, successfully make our life interesting, nice to remember, full of color.

Live fast without ever stopping, without thinking about what we are now, on what are the real values of life, the meaning of our existence makes us euphoric and confident about ourselves.


Definintion of “Runaway” – run·a·way (rŭn′ə-wā′)
1. denoting a vehicle or animal that is moving forward quickly, its driver or rider having lost control of it
2. denoting a situation in which something increases or develops very quickly and cannot be controlled

But all this is true?
The risk you run is to lose the beauty of pauses and reflection before action. The music is beautiful when it is able to toggle sound moments with silent spaces.
With “Runaway” video, Lorenzo Pescini, Italian composer wants to offer you a chance to reflect on the theme of speed and the meaning of life.

“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.”
Mahatma Gandhi



Author: Lorenzo

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